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Cinedeaf is the only International Deaf Film Festival in Italy. It is produced by Istituto Statale per Sordi di Roma, first public school for the deaf in Italy, which is today a center of documentation, consulting, training and research on deafness. Cinedeaf’s main goal is the inclusion of deaf people and the enhancement of their potential and
professionalism in the cinematographic sector.

Since its first Edition in 2012, Cinedeaf has been an international showcase and an important moment of cultural exchange, for everybody.

The festival

Cinedeaf is a Festival of knowledge as it promotes the encounter of the Deaf Cinema, that is, direct and intertwined cinema by deaf people and sign language, with traditional filmmaking.

It is a Festival of viewpoints c that gives space to storytelling of different histories and representations of deafness also by listening directors who have touched this theme from multiple facets.

It is a Festival of research for broadcast content and for the new expressive language that carries them, resulting from years of studies and documentation, meetings and experiences.

It is discovery, promotion, diffusion and distribution of new Italian and foreign talents, mostly self-produced and independent; even the youngest, through the Schools Section.

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The Team

The activities of the Cinedeaf are possible thanks to the constant commitment of a working group made up of deaf and hearing people, collaborators inside the State Institute for Deaf Roma but also external, who devote their professionalism and passion for the implementation of the project.

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If you also want to contribute to the project with your passion, creativity and desire to play or if you want to experience an organized and accessible cultural event, take part in our workgroup or help us like volunteer during the festival days.

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Friends Festival

Our ambition is to create a network of all Sordo Cinema Festivals in Europe and around the world and among those cultural festivals that share our vision, sharing experiences and skills, fostering dialogue between professionals and the circulation of works.

If you want to join our network or you are interested in a collaboration please contact us.

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