The deadline to send works to the 3rd Edition of CINEDEAF- International Deaf Film Festival of Rome- from June 5th to June 7th 2015, is: for Directors, January 23rd and for Schools, March 27th,

Our goal is to enhance and give visibility both to the work of deaf national and international directors, and to hearing directors’ productions whose main theme is deafness, deaf culture and Sign Language and also to the use of media in education to support the inclusion of deaf students.

Subscription is free.

Deaf and hearing DIRECTORS, as well as SCHOOLS, can take part to the contest… the great news is that this year there are actual prizes!

Watch the first video announcement, download and read the guideline and find out how to participate.


Are you a deaf director? Is this your first work or do you already have some experience?
Would you like to present your work into an international festival?

Are you a hearing director who focused on deafness?

1) Download the Directors guideline
2) Download the Directors Subscription and… take part to the contest!

For any doubt or further information write to:


Are you a High School deaf student and you would like to realize a video product with your class or by yourself?

Are you a Middle or High School class with one or more deaf classmates and you worked to realize a video product?

1) Read the School Giudeline (the deadline is now MARCH 27th)
2) Download the School Subscriprion and… Take part to the contest!

For any doubt or further information write to: